Airmate Navigation Database for your avionics

Airmate, the leading free Electronic Flight Bag, now provides a yearly subscription to its proven Aviation Database for your Dynon SkyView.

Tailored for VFR pilots, Airmate Navigation database will offer you more VFR features than any other database:

  • airports include not only large ICAO airports, but also small, ultralight and private airfields, as well as bush fields;
  • waypoints include in addition to standard IFR waypoints, Visual Reporting Points;
  • obstacles are provided when published by the authorities, they are complemented when possible by obstacles announced by NOTAM valid for the database cycle;
  • in addition, Airmate provides you free access to airport approach plates and diagrams in more than 200 countries;
  • in the same way, free VFR raster charts are also provided in numerous countries.

AIRMATE Aviation Database is updated every 28 days at each AIRAC cycle.

Airmate in SkyView

How to subscribe to Airmate Navigation Database

To subscribe, go to Airmate Shop and select the desired region: Africa, Europe or South America (Pacific, Asia, Eastern Europe and North America will be available soon).

The yearly subscription to Airmate Aviation database includes the following:

  • Updates at each AIRAC cycle for the aviation database, including airfields and heliports, controlled and restricted airspaces, radio beacons, waypoints in all countries of the selected region. In addition to main ICAO airports, ultralight airfields are also included. Obstacles are also provided in most countries;
  • Airport approach charts and airfield diagrams in more than 200 countries (check country coverage for your region in Airmate shop);
  • Free ICAO VFR charts in many countries;
  • IFR Enroute charts nearly worldwide.

Database subscribers are granted a private access to Airmate Web allowing them to downloaded Aviation Database and charts. Just save them on an USB stick to load them on your SkyView unit.