How to load your data in your Dynon SkyView

As an Airmate database customer, you will receive before every new AIRAC cycle (every 28 days) an email with download links for your data, including:

  • Aviation database and obstacles for the subscribed region: store this file on the root directory of an USB stick (FAT-32 formatted). Then connect the USB stick to your Dynon unit. After Dynon unit launch, perform a long press on the two rightmost buttons to enter Setup mode. Select "System software" and then "Load file" to load the database file. After successful load, you could remove the USB stick. Don't remove the USB stick during load operation;
  • Airport approach plates and airfield diagrams: download the zipped file for your country or if you prefer the consolidated file covering all countries in your region. Expand the zipped file and copy the ChartData main directory to the root directory of an USB stick (FAT-32 formatted). Connect this USB stick to your Dynon unit. It should be left connected during the whole flight. When flying, click on any airport then on the "INFO" button to view airport information. The "PLT" tab will display the airport charts, you could view any chart by clicking on it. Your aircraft position will be shown on top of the plate when it is georeferenced;
  • Aeronautical raster charts: select the charts you want from the list and copy them on a subdirectory named "Raster" on your USB stick. You should also copy your key file CHARTS-*.key on the root directory of the same USB stick. When flying, click on "Menu" button, then "Map Layers" and enable the needed layer (VFR WAC, ICAO, IFR, and so on);

You could use the same USB stick to store both airport plates (in ChartData directory) and aeronautical charts (in Raster directory) and of course the aviation database.

Please note SkyView displays work with USB flash drives containing a maximum of 32GB memory. Higher capacity drives can not be properly formatted in the required FAT32 file system.

Airmate in SkyView