Offers your student pilots the perfect free flying tool

With the free flight planning Airmate solutions, flight schools and aviation clubs have a perfect solution to help students and flight instructors alike:

  • first of all, Airmate is a free app, helping student pilots to keep their hard earned money to pay for flight hours.
  • Airmate is very easy to use without training and provides instant access to weather data, NOTAMs, aeronautical information, helping student pilots to learn the good habit of always obtaining up-to-date information before flying.
  • It is not easy for student pilots to recognize on aeronautical maps the landmark he/she will have to overflow during his next flight. Thanks to Airmate Satellite mode, viewing and memorizing landmarks will never be easier
  • Thanks to its flight recording and replay features, Airmate will provide all needed data for an efficient postflight review with the Flight Instructor.
  • Sharing information between instructors and students becomes much easier, thanks to Airmate cloud sync features. For example, the instructor could define aircraft characteristics and performance data, that could then be imported by students. Training flights with available seats may be shared with student community.

Record and track student pilot flights

Airmate provides free services to help student and instructor alike to record, track, debrief, and log flights

Record and debrief flown flights

When switched in Flight mode, Airmate will record flight track and flight parameters during the flight of your students. The instructor could then review the whole flight and replay the plane track on the map. The recorded flight data may be sent by email in GPX format to any recipient. GPX data may easily be imported in Google Earth or other tools.

Track your student solo flights

Airmate integrates a flight tracking capability. When within internet coverage (such as flying VFR at low levels), Airmate may send detailed tracking data to allow an instructor or any authorized person (friend, family) to follow the flight (check that having your phone cellular network enabled is authorized according your flight rules)

Pilot log

Thanks to flight recording, Airmate will also help student and instructor alike by logging flown flights, with taxi time, flight time, departure/arrival airfields and number of takeoffs/landings.

Make your flight school known

Airmate lists all known flight schools and flying clubs worldwide in its Airport Directory.

This listing is free of charge, Airmate offers to every Flight School or Flying Club all the features of a paying Premium Plan for free to help the pilot community to grow!

So take advantage of all those features to make sure:

  • your Flight School or Flying Club is properly listed with all its contact details
  • links to your Web and email are enabled
  • you have provided us your logo for publishing. Click here to send it to us by email
  • you could also request printed Airmate flyers to be displayed in your flight school or aviation club, we will dispatch them to you including a stand.