Designed by pilots for pilots

Airmate set of solutions is provided free of charge to pilots to help them plan and execute their flights. Most people in Airmate development team are themselves passionate pilots.

In planning mode, Airmate will give instant access to all needed information for flight planning, in most countries of the world:

  • VFR ICAO charts
  • IFR enroute charts
  • VFR and IFR airport approach plates
  • Weather: TAF/METAR, SIGMET, significant weather charts, wind charts, satellite charts and other data
  • Flight plan filing with auto-routing through 1-800-wxbrief.com for US pilots (free of charge) or through Eurocontrol in the rest of the world (charged around 1 euro/flight to cover our costs)
  • Conspicuity thanks to the display of nearby traffic on the map, the aircraft position may also be broadcasted to other Airmate users (if approved by pilot).

During the flight, Airmate will display a moving map showing aircraft position, flight parameters, topographic and aeronautical data, other traffic nearby. Instant access is provided to latest received weather, NOTAM and airport procedure charts.

Flight parameters are recorded and may be later reviewed or shared, for example to debrief a flight.

Airmate data are sourced from authorities and constantly updated. Nevertheless, Airmate should not be used as the primary information source to prepare and execute a flight, that should be data obtained from aviation authorities official servers.

Get worldwide coverage. For free

No matter where you are flying, Airmate have you covered.

Airmate will provide pilots, instructors, dispatchers, flight planners, and aviation enthusiats comprehensive aviation data worldwide, including:

  • Topographic maps, from OpenStreetMap.
  • Up-to-date AIRAC aviation database, including all ICAO airports, most private, ultralights and bush airfields, navigation beacons, VFR and IFR waypoints, airways, regulated, controlled, prohibited and dangerous areas. AIRAC database is updated at every AIRAC cycle (every 28 days).
  • VFR ICAO charts. If no chart is freely available in your country, Airmate will build its own chart overlapping aviation data in vector form on top of OpenStreetMap topographic data.
  • IFR Enroute charts, either sourced from authorities or built dynamically in the same way than VFR ICAO charts.
  • VFR and IFR airport approach plates at no cost in more than 200 countries. Those charts are georeferenced in the USA and several European countries and could be overlaid on top of the aviation map.
  • Elevation/terrain data.
  • NOTAM in most countries.
  • Weather information: TAF/METAR, SIGMET, significant weather charts, wind charts, satellite charts and other data.
  • Traffic information: in addition to traffic that may be received from an onboard ADS-B receiver, Airmate also broadcast over mobile network worldwide consolidated ADS-B, FLARM and other traffic.

All aeronautical charts and data publicly available are provided to pilots free of charge. In numerous countries, Airmate either uses georeferencing data provided by authorities or georeferences the charts itself to allow VFR and IFR charts to be displayed on top of the aeronautical map.

A few optional charts may be charged, those are paying charts edited by commercial providers or authorities that we are reselling, such as airport VFR charts in few countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom) or optional VFR ICAO charts.