Airmate is the only free application offering all below features to pilots: iPhone 6 Satellite mode
  • include a worldwide AIRAC aeronautical database with all airports, waypoints, radio beacons, regulated areas, airways, updated regularly free of charge
  • offer free download of cartographic data for supported countries. Airmate will display on top of cartographic data aeronautical information
  • provide free access to IFR and VFR charts for most airports in Europe, US, and other countries
  • give instant access to weather data, NOTAM, airport information
  • record performed flights and allow to review later flight paths or share them with friends (iOS only)
  • will allow quick and easy flight plan filing with ATC (iOS only)
  • offer social features allowing pilots to exchange together and share useful information
All Airmate features are enabled and available free of charge. The only paying options are the download of optional commercial aeronautical charts or the filing of flight plans. Airmate is very easy to use without training, the tutorials below will help you to fully take advantage of all Airmate features: