Airmate is very user friently and easy to use, so you will probably not even need to read the manual, even if this English manual is available. First download Airmate from the Apple Store. Airmate is free of charge. After having activated Airmate by entering the activation code received by email, Airmate will display the list of your planned flights (empty at the beginning, except a dummy flight). iPhone 6 liste des vols From this list, you could start a flight right now, in this case the aeronautical map will be displayed and show your aircraft position. You could click on any airport or point on the map to define the parameters and route of your next flight. iPhone 4S données vol v1.4 Instead of creating the route from the map, you could also plan a flight from the list. In this case, select a dummy flight and indicate at least your departure and destination airfields. As soon this is done, Airmate will compute your flight log and will give access to weather and NOTAM on the route, and of course to the aeronautical chart of your journey. When the aeronautical chart is displayed, you could click on any point (airfield, radio beacon, waypoint) to display its characteristics. For airfields, you will get frequencies and runways, weather (if airport has a weather station), and IFR and VFR charts for most airports in Europe, USA and in some other countries. A long press on any point of the map will display the aeronautical regulated areas and also allow to create and manage user waypoints. iPhone 6 map near Cannes By clicking on the aircraft at the upper right of the chart, you could toggle between Planning mode and Flight mode. In flight mode, Airmate will display aircraft position, flight data (speed, track, approximate altitude and so on) and will record flown path. You could then later on review your flight path and recorded data and share them with friends. iPhone 6 Flight replay landing Airmate is a community-driven app, please inform us of any suggestion to improve it. We wish you safe and happy flying!