Airmate: a fully free flight planning app

Thanks to Open Data policies, AIP providers in the USA, Europe and more than 200 countries are now publishing their aviation data and providing them at no charge.

In the same way than other navigation apps (such for road transportation), Airmate is leveraging on this to bring the Internet paradigm change to the aviation world and provide you free flight planning tools. A wealth of social features help to exchange with the community.

This means that Airmate is fully free, there is no subscription fee.

All aeronautical charts and data publicly available are provided to pilots free of charge. In numerous countries, Airmate either uses georeferencing data provided by authorities or georeferences the charts itself to allow VFR and IFR charts to be displayed on top of the aeronautical map.

The only optional charts that may be charged are paying charts edited by commercial providers or authorities that we are reselling, such as airport VFR charts in few countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom) or the filing of a flight plan outside the USA because we incur some costs for this (flight plan filing in the USA is free).

Airmate business model

Even if Airmate is free, it costs to develop and maintain.

Our business model is the same than those of all social media on the Internet: we get revenue from advertisers taking advantage of the wide Airmate audience (more than 200,000 pilots) to promote their products and services to the aviation community.

Don't worry, there is no intrusive advertising popping up on the screen on short final. But, using Airmate, pilots may search and find FBOs, handlers and other suppliers at any airport they are flying to. Banners from advertisers are also integrated in our monthly Flight Briefing newsletter, an unique proactive and customized information letter that brings to Airmate pilots operational news on their home and preferred airports (new airport charts, change of frequencies, TFR or NOTAM popping up, and so on).

Thanks to its professional products, Airmate provides services to authorities (AIP providers), aviation companies, and the military. We also sell subscriptions to our worldwide aviation database and charts for avionic owners.

In addition, voluntary contributors could donate to support Airmate.