Airmate APIs: tap the power of Airmate data

Airmate provides APIs allowing airlines and other aviation professionals to access easily Airmate data

  • Aeronautical Information Publication API: instant access to AIPs worldwide. Covering more than 200 countries, AIP data may be retrieved automatically. Georeferencing information allowing to draw an airport diagram or approach plates on the map is also available. In addition to the API, An AIP browser is also available to browse through GEN, ENR and AD sections and access instantly any airport diagram or approach chart. Airmate automatically compute changes in aeronautical information at every cycle and can provide detailed changelogs.
  • NOTAM API: can provide a feed to all updated NOTAM worldwide (e.g. by file transfer). Airmate consolidates NOTAM data in real-time from many authorities, including Eurocontrol and FAA.
  • Traffic API: Airmate consolidate flight traffic worldwide from many comprehensive sources, including ADS-B traffic, FLARM gliders and other aircrafts, GliderNet devices, and many other devices. Our API will provide all traffic located in a specific geographical bounding box.
  • Flight API: To the difference of the Traffic API that only covers aircrafts in flight, the Flight API will return information about planned or completed flights for a given aircraft or a given airport, as per their filed IFR flight plans. This flight tracking information API can only be used for flight planning and flow control management.

Aeronautical Information Publication API

Airmate maintains a global Aeronautical Information Publication database for more than 200 countries, including all GEN, ENR and AD sections. Airport diagrams and approach charts may be accessed directly and are georeferenced. This information may be access either through a dedicated API or using a Web based AIP browser.

At every cycle, Airmate processes AIP information and detects all changed information, for example change of frequency or updated airport approach chart. This change information may be provided.

The AIP returns for any authority or specific airfield:

  • list of available documents
  • PDF file of a specific document
  • georeferencing information for airport diagrams and approach charts
  • list of changes since previous cycle

Traffic API

Airmate consolidates in real-time on its servers all worldwide traffic received from many sources: Authorities, ADS-B Hubs, FLARM, GliderNet, proprietary concuspicuity devices and Airmate users having chosen to share their flight parameters with the community.

This represents a huge quantity of data updated several times per second. A dedicated API allows to request the current traffic in a specific bounding box, a subscription mode is available to receive constant updates on a dedicated link.

Traffic information includes:

  • ICAO or proprietary hexadecimal code
  • Flight parameters: location, speed, vertical speed, turn rate
  • Other information may be obtained on request, including aircraft ICAO type or model, registration, operator, aircraft image, and so on.

Filed Flights API

As an authorized Flight Plan Service Provider, Airmate is exchanging with the flight planning services of several authorities. Airmate can file flight plans and also get updates on any filed flight. For entities engaged in flight planning and flow control management such as airports, airlines, handlers, we can provide real-time information about planned or completed flights for a given aircraft or a given airport, as per their filed IFR flight plans.

The information is usually available for previous day, current day and next day. The information includes planned flight information with allocated slots if any, and will be available even before aircraft departure.

Information may be retrieved from our API, it can also be retrieved from the Airmate app when the user has subscribed to Airmate Airport or Airmate Dispatcher (reserved to entities engaged in flight planning and flow control management).

Flight planning information includes for every flight:

  • aircraft call sign and registration
  • aircraft ICAO type
  • flight status: for example flight plan filed, slot allocated, in flight, completed.
  • Origin airport
  • Destination airport
  • planned departure and arrival date/time, and actual estimates if flight has departed
  • allocated slots if any