Update your Airmate Android to version 1.3!

Airmate Android version 1.3 is now available with major improvements, we are working hard to make the Android version as advanced the iOS one:
  • planned flights list: you could define and manage your own list of planned flights. Those planned flights will be synchronized with the Web and other devices.
  • easy route definition: you could rubber band the magenta route to define graphically your route on the map, click on any point to add/remove it to/from the route, or use the planned flight form to enter route points.
  • aviation weather retrieval and display (en route and at airports), including METAR/TAF at airports, significant weather and wind charts, SIGMET, radar, satellite. As on iOS, the weather data displayed is the most appropriate for the planned trip.
  • worldwide NOTAM database automatically updated, with NOTAM displayed at airports. TFR are also shown in the USA, and SUP AIP are available in numerous countries
  • free airport plates are now available in more than 120 countries.
  • aviation database could now be updated automatically and free of charge at every AIRAC release.
  • fixing various bugs.