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CA26 - Hall Of Justice

Located in San Francisco, United States


Data provided by Airmate  

General information

Coordinates: N37°46'30" W122°24'15"
Elevation is 118 feet MSL.
Magnetic variation is 16° East
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Operational data

Special qualification required
Current time UTC:
Current local time:
Weather at : KOAK - Metro Oakland Intl ( 17 km )
METAR: KOAK 112153Z 22005KT 10SM FEW160 SCT230 13/06 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP168 T01330056
TAF: KOAK 111720Z 1118/1224 07006KT P6SM SCT250 FM111900 26005KT P6SM BKN250 FM120400 VRB02KT P6SM OVC010 FM121700 VRB03KT P6SM SCT020 FM122000 28005KT P6SM SKC
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Airport contact information

Address: San Francisco United States

Satellite view of CA26