Airmate includes a powerful Plate Manager allowing to download, view and print VFR and IFR approach plates of most airports in Europe, US and numerous other countries.

Select desired country

First, select desired country in country list. The list includes all countries for which airfield approach charts are available, countries are sorted by continent. Your home country is listed first (you could change your home country in the Settings menu).

iphone-6-plate-manager-fr For each country, the number of airfields with charts is indicated. If charts are also available for heliports, ultralight airfields, seaplane bases, their numbers will be indicated.

At the left of every country, a Download button could be used to download all airport plates in the whole country. A window will first be displayed to allow you to select which kinds of airfields you want to get (airfields, heliports, UL fields) and if you intend to get all plates or only VFR charts. The download is then performed automatically in background mode. You could during download continue to use Airmate or even switch to another app (don’t close Airmate). On the Plate Manager, a circular progress bar will show the download progress.

Downloaded airfield plates will remain stored in Airmate database for viewing, even outside Internet coverage during flight.

Choose airfield

Selecting a country will display the list of airfields with charts for this country. There may be other airfields in the country without charts, in this case they will not appear in this list but will always be displayed on Airmate aeronautical charts and available for flight planning. iphone-6-airport-list-france-fr Airfields are sorted by geographical region, a Download button at the right of each region allows to download all airfields in the region without needing to download all airfields in the country. A Global/Region control will switch between the regional sorting and a global list. Airfields are sorted using their code, another ICAO/Name control may be used to switch between code sorting and airfield name sorting.

A search window at the top allows to enter a part of the airport code, airport name or served city name to narrow the display.

If UL airfields or heliports are available, checkboxes could be used to request their display. By default only regular airfields are displayed, except if you have configured your settings to have heliports or ultralight airfields displayed on the map.

If charts have already been download for some airports, the number of charts and the Airac download cycle will be displayed for those airports. If a single chart is available for an airport, its thumbnail will be displayed.

An Information button allows to display all airport data: location, administrative data, frequencies, runways, associated radio beacons and waypoints, current weather (TAF and METAR), NOTAM.

Sliding left an airport entry will display buttons to define airport as Preferred airport (will be displayed at the top of the list), to update its plates or to delete all its associated plates.

Get Plate list

When an airfield is selected, its plate list is displayed when several plates are available; in case of a single chart it will be displayed immediately. iphone-6-lowl-charts-fr

Plates are sorted by categories: VAC (VFR), ADC (airport chart), TAXI (taxi), SID (Standard Instrument Departure), IAC (Instument Approach Chart), STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) and OTHER. A Download button at the right of the category name may be used to download all plates of this category without needing to download all charts for this airfield.

If a chart has not been download, a Download button at the left will download it without displaying it (to display the chart, click on chart name, this will trigger both download and display). For charts already downloaded, the Download button is replaced by a thumbnail of the chart, allowing to recognize the chart without displaying it. If you specified in your profile (using Settings) that you were only requesting VFR charts, only VFR charts will be downloaded using the country, region or airport Download buttons. It is always possible to download IFR charts from the chart list.

The download or last check date is displayed for every downloaded chart, along with its Airac download cycle. If the Airac cycle is a past one, the chart may be obsolete and Airmate will display the chart date in red and advise chart update.

The Share button at the upper right of the screen is used to share all charts having been downloaded: they could be printed, sent by email, copied, or shared with any nearby iPhone or iPad using Airdrop.

In the same way than for airports, sliding the chart left will display buttons to define chart as Preferred (will be displayed at the top of the list, still remaining listed in its own category) or to delete the chart.

View and print selected plates

airmate-libc-plates Clicking on a plate will display it, downloading it first if needed. You could pinch/expand the chart to zoom it in and out.

Tabs on quick navigation items at the bottom of the plates allows to switch instantly from a chart to another one in the same category or to change chart displayed category, without needing to revert back to the list.

The share button at the upper right is used to share the displayed chart, that could be printed, copied, sent by email or shared with any nearby iPhone or iPad using Airdrop.

View plates from aeronautical chart when offline

Downloaded charts will be stored and will be available either through the Plate Manager or the aeronautical map when clicking on any airport on the chart. They could also be accessed through the Chart tab of an airport detailed information display.

No Internet access is needed to access downloaded charts. To access plates quickly during a flight, it is not needed to open the Plate Manager, simply click on any airfield displayed on the map, and then on the Plates tab on the airfield info popover. The Plates tab will only be active if there are plates associated with this airfield.

Automated updates

When a plate is downloaded or updated, its check date is recorded with the current Airac cycle.

Airmate will offer at every new Airac cycle to update automatically all charts you have downloaded. The update is automated and performed in background, you could continue to use Airmate during the operation.

Warning: Airmate editors are not warranting the accuracy, completeness or update status of downloaded and displayed charts. Some aeronautical authorities may publish urgent chart updates anytime, those updates may not be detected by Airmate. Only official eAIP sites should be used to check current plates.