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87CN - Honda Of Santa Ana

Located in Santa Ana, United States


Data provided by Airmate  

General information

Coordinates: N33°43'41" W117°50'9"
Elevation is 113 feet MSL.
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Operational data

Special qualification required
Current time UTC:
Current local time:
METAR: KSNA 221307Z 25004KT 10SM SCT013 19/14 A2992 RMK AO2 T01890139
TAF: KSNA 221137Z 2212/2312 VRB04KT P6SM BKN012 TEMPO 2212/2215 FEW013 FM221600 VRB05KT P6SM SCT012 BKN150 FM222000 24009KT P6SM BKN200 FM230300 20005KT P6SM SCT018 FM230800 VRB04KT P6SM BKN012
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Airport contact information

Address: Santa Ana United States

Satellite view of 87CN