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50CN - Palmdale Medical Center

Located in Palmdale, United States


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General information

Coordinates: N34°34'56" W118°8'42"
Elevation is 2743 feet MSL.
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Operational data

Special qualification required
Current time UTC:
Current local time:
Weather at : KPMD - Palmdale Usaf Plant 42 ( 8 km )
METAR: KPMD 141153Z AUTO 10SM CLR 18/05 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP124 T01780050 10250 20178 51003 $
TAF: KPMD 141128Z 1412/1512 25010KT P6SM SKC FM142000 25017G25KT P6SM SKC FM150600 28015KT P6SM SKC AMD LTD TO CLD AND VIS
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Airport contact information

Address: Palmdale United States

Satellite view of 50CN