Airmate iOS 1.27 supports IFR georeferenced charts

Airmate 1.27 is available on the Apple Store, with the following improvements:
  • profile view now displays crossed airspaces, labels have been added for waypoints.
  • Enroute IFR charts (low and high) published by authorities could be downloaded and selected as map background layer in the USA and most European countries.
  • georeferenced IFR approach charts available free of charge for thousands of airports in the USA, Alaska and Hawaii. To display the georeferenced chart on top of the moving map, simply click on any airport and select « Display IFR georef plate ». If several IFR procedures are available at this airport, their list will be presented. You could easily switch from an approach chart to another one. We will progressively support georeferenced IFR charts in additional countries.
  • in the USA, when zooming in on a Sectional chart, underlying Terminal Area Charts (TAC) will appear if available for the area. TAC charts are automatically downloaded alongside Sectionals.
  • thousands of unlicensed and ultralight airfields have been added in Australia, Brazil and South Africa
  • airport charts available in additional countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Ecuador, Gibraltar, Haiti, Libya, Uruguay
  • AME (Aviation Medical Examiners) near the pilot home airport or selected airport may now be searched in France, other countries will follow.
  • includes Airac aviation database cycle 1901
  • various small issues have been fixed.