Airmate Android 1.4.2 is live!

Lastest Android release 1.4.2 is live on Google Play with numerous features and improvements, including:
  • Flight recording and play back
  • Global Weather View will show you weather flight conditions at a glance (VMC, medium VFR, IMC) over the whole country or continent
  • Aircraft Hangar to create and manage aircrafts and their performance profiles
  • External GPS devices support
  • Multiple aviation charts covering the same country are now grouped in a single layer easy to switch on/off, such Sectionals in the US or VNC in Australia
  • Improvements in embedded flight simulator module.
  • Better sorting for aviation events
  • Flight route may now be rubber banded on all devices
  • Embeds worldwide aviation database at Airac cycle 1811
  • Fixed a geographic coordinate issue in personal waypoint creation.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the update of Aviation database at new Airac cycle on some devices
  • Various other improvements and bug fixing