Terrain profile view now available with iOS release 1.26!

New iOS release 1.26 is available with numerous new features:
  • adding profile view displaying terrain, a worldwide terrain elevation database allows to download free of charge elevation data for region flown.
  • undo button allowing to easily roll back any route change performed on the map screen
  • support of FIS-B (Flight Information Service) weather service in the US and other countries providing FIS-B (eg some locations in UK), providing METAR, TAF, SPECI updates in flight.
  • support of additional ADS-B In and FIS-B receivers, including Dual Electronics XGPS170 and XGPS190 and Appareo Stratus 3.
  • battery icon showing battery status and charge level during navigation mode.
  • GPS reception status is now shown graphically in navigation mode.
  • ADS-B towers received are shown during navigation mode, list of received weather messages may be viewed.
  • a camera icon allows to take pictures while in flight without exiting the app, pictures may be saved to the cloud and associated with the flight.
  • flight plan filing improvements: speed and altitude changes may be specified for any waypoint (in the form LCA/N0180F140), endurance may now be entered in the flight plan filing confirmation form
  • improvements in cloud syncing and sharing between devices for planned and flown flights, pictures, aircrafts and waypoints.
  • embeds AIRAC aviation database cycle 1810
  • airport charts are now available in additional countries: Caiman Islands, Peru, Somalia
  • ultralight airfields are shown in additional countries: Portugal, Thailand
  • fixes issues and improve coverage for weather charts in several countries.
  • fixes issues with aircraft icon display in flight simulation mode.
  • fixes an issue to revert to map in flight mode when viewing some airport details