Airmate OEM: the proven AIM/AIP viewer

Used by more than 250,000 pilots worldwide, Airmate is a proven and robust flight planning solution, consolidating aviation information from more than 200 countries worldwide.

AIRMATE OEM version may be tailored and customized to provide AIP providers and aviation authorities their own branded mobile viewer, allowing pilots and authorities to access instantly, even without network coverage AIM/AIP data.

Thanks to its multiple clients (iPhone, iPad, Android and Web), AIRMATE AIM Viewer allows to view all aviation data stored in AIM database: airspaces, airports and their characteristics (runways, frequencies, charts, operational data).

AIRMATE AIM Viewer may be installed easily to complement any existing AIM/AIP solution, and branded according customer requirements.

Optional flight planning modules are available to plan aircraft flights or UAV flights, with configurable interface for airspace reservation

A SWIM compliant enabler for AIP

AIRMATE AIM Viewer integrates seamlessly in the authority's existing AIM / AIP solution thanks to both standard AIXM and customizable connectors. AIRMATE AIM Viewer provide numerous features complementing existing AIP:

  • instant mobile access to AIP data, even offline
  • graphical Web interface for data display
  • Open APIs: AIRMATE AIM Viewer provides WEB services library and APIs for data import/export, flight plan management, purchase management. External API may be used for airspace reservation, NOTAM retrieval, route search, flight plan filing, and social networking.

AIRMATE AIM Viewer may be complemented by other modules:

  • Weather display, providing real time complete weather information, including significant weather charts, TAF/METAR (raw and decoded), SIGMET, wind charts, satellite charts, radar precipitation data, atmosphere data worldwide (including winds, temperature, meteogram data for various altitudes and validity periods). Weather data are fetched from open sources and available at no charge, connectors to commercial weather providers may also be supplied.
  • NOTAM display: AIRMATE AIM Viewer may display NOTAM graphically on the screen or list them by FIR, by airport, or following any defined flight route.
  • Flight Plan Management with filing: Thanks to its customizable interfaces, flight plans may be filed with any authority. An auto-routing feature will retrieve the most appropriate routes for the planned flight.
  • Airspace reservation: A configurable module may perform airspace reservation through API calls to authority. Activation of the reserved airspace may be requested from the app. Reserved airspaces and their status are displayed updated in real time.
  • Aeronautical and topographic map: the embedded GIS will display aeronautical data on top of configurable topographic layers. Default layer is free OpenStreetMap, any other layers could be loaded. Paying layers, such aeronautical charts provided by authority, may be purchased in real time thanks to e-commerce interface and in-app purchase modules.
  • Automated VFR ICAO, IFR aeronautical chart generation, automated airport diagram and visual approach chart generation.
  • Feedback features provide a return channel allowing users to inform the authority of any discreapancy.
  • Marketing analysis on the app users provides detailed insights on user profile.
  • Mailing interface manages customized mails sent to users according their profile, location, preferred airports, and may be used to proactively inform airspace users of any important AIP change (e.g. airport chart change, frequency change, airspace change...).