Airmate Military: mission-proven EFB

Used by more than 250,000 pilots worldwide, Airmate civilian is a proven and robust flight planning solution, consolidating aviation information from more than 200 countries worldwide.

In its Military version, Airmate brings to the armed forces this proven EFB, tailored for military missions:

  • worldwide aeronautical information, for all theaters of operation.
  • gives access to military approach plates in numerous countries.
  • displays military frequencies
  • show military NOTAM and MIL SUP
  • add various military charts to the chart library. Additional charts and approach plates provided by the armed forces may be loaded, access restricted to authorized military personal.

Tailored features for any armed forces

Airmate Military may be customized and loaded with specific data used by the armed forces: military enroute or visual charts, approach plates, MIL SUP, Military NOTAM, military frequencies, and so on... Access to those data will be restricted to authorized users.

In the same way, sources used to obtain NOTAM and weather information may be replaced or completed by specific sources provided by the armed forces.

Flight plan filing may used standard channels (FAA, Eurocontrol) or a specific military channel.

Additional security features

Instead of using the global Airmate subscriber database, Airmate Military subscribers are usually authenticated using specific procedures and/or servers owned by the military, no user information being stored in external servers. Communication with military servers is performed over encrypted channels.

The social sharing features of Airmate are usually disabled in a tailored Military version, to avoid exposing sensitive data to potential foes.