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LY3010 - Vrsac / Swisslion - Takovo Vrsac

Located in Vrsac, Serbia and Montenegro


Data provided by Airmate  

General information

Coordinates: N45°6'13" E21°19'7"
Elevation is 433 feet MSL.
Magnetic variation is 5° East
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Operational data

Special qualification required
Current time UTC:
Current local time:
Weather at : LYVR - Vrsac ( 5 km )
METAR: LYVR 060500Z AUTO 17011G28KT CAVOK 20/13 Q1017
TAF: TAF LYVR 052300Z 0600/0624 14018G30KT CAVOK TX25/0613Z TN19/0603Z BECMG 0617/0619 13015KT
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Airport contact information

Address: Vrsac Serbia and Montenegro

Satellite view of LY3010