Install additional charts

Download and activate additional aeronautical charts

In standard mode, Airmate will dynamically create a full aeronautical map, by overlaying topographic map with aeronautical data (airports, regulated areas, radio beacons, waypoints, airways…).

You could fully replace in a given area this dynamically generated map by an aeronautical chart (eg 500k) from OpenFlightMaps or commercial map suppliers, such IGN, Air Million, Cartabossy, Avioportolano. Those charts may be free of charge (OpenFlightMaps, US Sectionals) or charged (commercial suppliers).iphone-6-austria-openstreetmap

Those charts are downloaded using the same procedure than topographic maps: go to Settings menu and select « Manage charts ». If the chart is a paying one, you could purchase it online.

One such a chart overlay is downloaded, you could activate it anytime. To this end, press the button « Layers » at the bottom right of the chart. You will be shown the list of downloaded chart overlays and could select the associated switch to active it.

When an aeronautical chart overlay is activated, it will replace both the topographic map and the Airmate aeronautical data within its boundaries. This means that for example airfields or regulated areas will no longer be displayed on top of the chart by Airmate as the chart already embeds those data. But Airmate is still providing active content, and will display the associated information with a single press or a long press is done. If you click on an airport, you will still have the airport popover window that will present you airport weather, frequencies, runways and IFR/VFR charts.

The « Layers » button includes a Chart Overlay switch to request Airmate to display its own data on top of the aeronautical chart. This could lead to a cluttered display, but this function is very useful to compare aeronautical data from both sources. Airmate data are usually updated more regularly than chart data.

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