1. La version Android 1.1 est disponible sur Google Play. Elle n’est pas aussi complète que la version iOS, mais elle va évoluer rapidement, le mois prochain nous rajouterons la carte aéronautique déroulante.

    1. Yes, we are working on it! When you create a personal waypoint from the app, it is saved in the cloud in your profile. Soon, you will be able to view your personal waypoints on the web and export or import them. We are also working on flight plan import/export and with flight deck avionics interconnect. We hope to have those features available by summer.

  1. Can you make the temperature units a setup choice for Fahrenheit as well as Celsius and also add a choice of distance readings to nautical mile and statute miles for decoded metars and taf?

  2. I interuppted i simulated flight by shut down of the app. Since then the simulation mode does not work properly aircraft symbol does not follow. How to reset the application ?

    1. There are cases where the simulated aircraft icon does not appear on the screen, we are aware of this issue and working on it. We hope to have this fixed at next Airmate 1.25 release.
      But don’t reset the application, this will not solve the issue that may appear randomly, it seems to be a conflict between integrated GPS and simulator.
      You may try to disable GPS location on your phone, this may help as a workaround.

    1. Indeed, you are right, in Navigation mode it is not possible to go back from Airfield Detail to Map. This is a known bug that will be solved before End July.
      Safe flights!

  3. When I create a flight plan, it seems Airmate does not take wind direction and wind speed into account, when it calculates the MagHeading. Am I correct?

    1. Hello,
      On Android you are correct, the Android version does not use a worldwide wind database for now.
      On iOS, the wind direction and speed are taken into account for the printed navigation log (use the share button top right of the navigation log). We are working to improve the displayed navigation log to add more columns and display also the heading/speed corrected for winds.

    1. Hello,
      Yes, this is a known bug in Android 1.4.1, flight deletion either do not work or deletion is delayed.
      We are working on this issue that will be corrected in version 1.4.2 planned to be released in a few days.
      Safe flights

  4. Hi,
    I’m using Airmate on iOS – good job, congratulations!
    One question: how does the Airmate Pro, offered as in-app purchase, differ from the regular version?

    1. Hello,
      Many thanks for your kind appraisal of Airmate!
      Airmate is a free app with all features enabled. The Airmate Pro is unlocking management of an unlimited number of planned flights, but as the Airmate standard version supports already hundreds of them (most you will probably ever need), this is only a way of supporting the app development.
      Safe flights!

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