Airmate Android v1.4 is available!

Airmate 1.4 for Android is available on Google Play, don’t forget to upsate! This major release greatly increases map display speed and fluidity and adds the following improvements:
  • List of planned flights features thumbnails showing flight routes
  • TAF/METAR weather data available offline is updated in real time when possible.
  • New Community menu brings messaging and social features, allowing to search nearby to find friends, instructors, flight schools/aviation clubs or planes to rent.
  • Displays airfield georeferenced plates on aviation map.
  • Share fuel prices or landing fees.
  • Include aviation database AIRAC cycle 1805
  • Embedded simulation mode to play a planned flight
  • Allows to purchase optional commercial VFR 1/500k aviation charts.
  • Flights are recorded in GPX format.
  • Improved Settings menu.
  • Many bugfixes.