Airmate iOS 1.21 is available!

For Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), the new version 1.21 is available with following improvements:
  • global weather display showing at a glance the general situation across the whole country (VMC in green, limit VMC in yellow, IMC in red). Clicking on any station will show its detailed weather data, including fully decoded METAR data.
  • display of weather radar overlays in several countries including USA, Hawai, UK.
  • automatic download of worldwide weather data, allowing to access during flight latest received weather conditions at any airport
  • the decoded weather data shown on clicking on any weather station airport on the map now compute density altitude, useful indicator of aircraft performance.
  • Ultralight/unlicensed airfields are now shown automatically when you zoom on aviation map. You could change this behavior in Settings to either never display them or to always display them at the same zoom level than licensed airfields (in the USA, a switch in Layers allows to display Private airfields).
  • improvements and bug fixing in Plate Manager: in most European countries, plate updates will perform quicker thanks to differential plate updates. We also lifted a limit on the iOS version on the maximum number of plates displayed for very large US airports (now unlimited)
  • planned flights are now automatically reshuffled to show the most recently accessed first in the list (this auto sort feature may be disabled in Settings)
  • improvements in flight recording and play-back. In the previous version, sometimes recorded flights were not appearing in the past flight list (when recording was not started from a predefined planned flight). This bug is fixed, and previously recorded past flights should now be listed properly.
  • automatic computation and display of pilot flight log entries: simply click on the Log button in the recorded past flight list and the list will show all needed information to fill your pilot flight log: departure/arrival date/time, flight duration, number of takeoffs and landings, and so on. In portrait mode, this list shows only summary data, turn your device in landscape mode to switch to detailed list.
  • embeds AIRAC aviation database cycle 1801
  • fixed miscellaneous bugs