Airmate iOS 1.18 available

Airmate version 1.18 is now available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), it offers numerous new features:
  • embeds a worldwide NOTAM database updated automatically, allowing to view NOTAMs at any airports and on the flight route, even when offline.
  • graphic view of most NOTAMs in affected areas shown on aviation map.
  • display of TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) in the USA with graphical representation on the map when possible.
  • display of SUP AIP in numerous countries, with direct access to SUP AIP documents.
  • georeferenced visual approach plates available for all airfields in France, other countries will follow.
  • support of external traffic receivers supporting GDL90 protocol, such Stratux.
  • embeds AIRAC database cycle 1711
  • improved map stability when zooming in and out
  • added airport approach plates in new countries (more than 120 countries with approach plates available
  • various small improvements and bug fixes
Don’t forget to update your Airmate iOS version with this new release. Android is not forgotten, an improved Android version will be available soon.