Improvements of Airmate 1.17

The new 1.17 release is available on Apple Store, it adds numerous features:
  • support of airport georeferenced plates displayed on top of aviation moving map, allowing to follow flight path on top of plate. Availability of georeferenced plates is country-dependent, their coverage will expand in the following months.
  • display of aviation traffic on the map (requires a supported external traffic detector device)
  • improved detection of flown segment during navigation, even when aircraft has significant offset from planned route.
  • improved weather charts and satellite pictures selected automatically according the flight location
  • SIGMET display
  • fuel prices and landing fees reporting to share them with the community.
  • new Simulation mode to simulate any planned flight on the moving map.
  • interface with most popular flight simulators (X-Plane, Flight Simulator…), allowing to use Airmate as EFB for flights flown on the external simulator
  • improved route entry form and graphical route selection on the map.
  • improved settings management interface split in categories.
  • new countries added for airport VFR and/or IFR plates, including Brazil, Chile, India, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, South Korea (now more than 100 countries are available, including all Europe and USA).
  • additionally to embedded iOS support for external MFi GPS devices, integrated API for direct connectivity to BadElf external GPS.
  • embeds AIRAC aeronautical database cycle 1708
  • various improvements and bug fixes